Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well I doubt that I will get in the allotted 20 miles in today…I just have not felt it. My wife joked about going into this marathon without running a 20 miler and that just might be the case!!

The temps were -7 with the windchill (a solid 10-15 mph NW wind) but I still made it to the location on time…holy crap there are a lot of people here for 6 am!!! There were 7 of us to start off with and more came once we had left.

Simple out and back to the south…which meant that the run back to the car was horrible!! Got in 5.5 miles before we met up with the rest of today's runners.

7am we headed out again this time down the frontage road…over to Stuart and up to Old Spring Road. Normally we would turn back here but we were all interested in extra mileage today so we headed down to the Oakes trails. I did a complete loop before heading back.

All in all I got in 12.51 miles and did it in under 2 hours…looks like my 13.1 mile goal of sub 2:05 is well within reach!

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