Thursday, May 27, 2010


I know that I have not been doing the best to keep up with this so I’ll try to do this again and see how far I can get.
Today I did not get up when I was supposed to…thankfully my wife realized I had not left and said “I guess you’re not running today.” 
To which I replied “why?”
“Because it is 4:45.”
That began the frantic dressing ritual that I rarely do anymore!
Got to Melissa’s house (rather than Kristin’s – since I was that late) and everyone was still there!  YEA!!
Ran 4.4 miles at a 9:26 pace…wind out of the north and a little humid but not too bad.
Still walking too much so I’ll really have to work on slowing the pace down and maintaining an even pace so that I can run the entire distance.